Friday, July 17, 2009

a letter to my madre.

dear mom,

we have a few things to discuss.

1. tonight, i embroidered. aren't you proud of me? i saw these going on etsy for over 500 percent profit. i have to finish it all off and make it look presentable as part of a wedding gift still, but i am thinking about selling these now on etsy and competing with this person who is stealing money from honest people around the world.

2. i am addicted to gatorade. if i ever refer to my 'drinking problem', it is this, not anything else your imagination might come up with.
3. your grandchildren have a message they would like to share with you. funny how their personalities are just shining through in about 5 seconds worth of video.



1 comment:

angelabarton said...

Cute kids! Love the one who is missing some of his top teeth! The tooth fairy must be in business!!