Monday, August 17, 2009

back home

so. yeah. this weekend.

catalina was wonderful and i will post pictures soon. as in tomorrow if humanly possible.

this week is going to be insanely busy - friends are coming into town for some good times this weekend and i just might go to the airport about 10 times by the time next monday rolls around. i feel like a list is appropriate. a list of things i am grateful for today.
  • uzi. today in church i nearly cried during one of the talks because i just thought of how grateful i am for her. because she is awesome.
  • stephanie nielsen's example to me.
  • my clean room and clean carpet.
  • people who go out of their way for me.
  • that i can go to two wards today in los angeles and know a gaggle of people in each. i love that i feel loved when i go to church in another town because i see familiar faces.

1 comment:

UZI said...

"light cleaveth unto light"

I heart you more than you will EVER come to understand!