Tuesday, August 18, 2009

26 miles across the sea. santa catalina is the place for me.

if you haven't been to avalon in catalina island before, you should go. the weather was amazing and it was just a cute little town. reminded me in some ways of martha's vineyard, except less wholesome. i wouldn't say that overall it is a very kid-friendly place, but worth the trip out there if you are into water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, ocean rafting, etc. according to the local pirate that we met on the ferry, their biggest problem is litter. with a crime report like that, what are you waiting for.

we had a few trip highlights. here they are in no particular order -

walking around town in the morning and checking out the local flavor. most people there drive golf carts. there are very few cars which makes for a very relaxing atmosphere.

eating. we had ice cream twice. yum. we also had the world's best onion rings at eric's on the green pier. when you go, please do yourself a favor and order them.

trying to get this guy's attention on the beach was a hoot. and oh boy, did we. he even came and sat with us for a while. oh, you hot europeans cannot get enough of me, apparently.

who can help themselves when you are looking at this - please note that you can see a piece of my bathing suit on the lower right hand corner.

me and uzi both bought hats that day. after leaving the beach and right before the sun went down. yep, we are smart like that. we are also tanner than you, so stop judging.

on sunday morning we were helping our friend with some errands and i was chatting with a friend on the phone when i heard some bells ringing. i commented to kristy that it would be an answer to my prayers if it was the ice cream truck. i kid you not that less than a minute later, a mexican pushing an ice cream cart walked right past our car and we shelled out the money for the ice cream quicker than you can say 'i shouldn't be eating ice cream.' best miracle ever. well, for us. on sunday. at 1pm.

you. are. welcome.

please click here to listen to a cute old song about catalina island. if you would like to see all our photos, please click here.

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Bethany said...

Sad that I grew up going to a beach where I could see Catalina, but I have never had the chance to make the trip over there. Now you make me want to do it.

Oh and I LOVE your hat,even if you did buy it at the end of the day. :)