Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the top 10 reasons i haven't gotten much sleep in the past few weeks

1. there were two boys from london visiting me while they were in san francisco. people who are on vacation do not care about the schedules of those who work. oh, but look at the one on the right. aeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae

2. going to santa cruz on a work night is fun, but not advisable since it is 1.5 hours away.

3. hiked half dome starting at 2am and finished at 6pm the same day. there went that's night of sleep. lost it in the dark somewhere in yosemite. once i get some better photos for you, there will be a post in it's own right about this adventure.

4. although i already posted about it, here is my travel log of catalina.

5. with every day that goes by, i'm getting more and more stressed out by my 10 year reunion coming up. of all the hundreds of photos that have been posted on our reunion website, i have not been in a single one. shocker.

6. cute boys
7. cute boys
8. cute boys
9. cute boys
10. cute boys

oh, my life is so hard.


heidikins said...

Yay for cute boys!!!

Oh, and the other stuff...half dome, cute boys, blah blah blah. ;o)


Rachael said...

Cute boys are worth every single minute of sleep lost. At least that is what we will say when we have broken up with them and we are dying alone.