Tuesday, September 1, 2009

when we're not pretending to be outdoorsy, we like to eat out.

rachael and i have started going on weeknight dinner dates with some hotties in our ward. the first week, we went to la mediterranee, which is a mediterranean restaurant. i know - genius. it was so much fun and the boys loved the food so much that we decided to make our trying new restaurants a tradition.

round two took us into the mission to el cachanilla. the main restaurant was closed but the taco window was still open, so we practiced our high school spanish and ordered ourselves some nachos and tacos. the taco window lady -- or she might be appropriately called, the taco nazi -- even came outside of her volition to pose in a photo with us. coincidence, we think not. my recommendation is that if you go, make sure that the main restaurant is open, but if not, enjoy the mission weather and pull up a seat outside.

this was followed up by some birite creamery and boy howdy, that place never disappoints.


Rachael said...

Everyone is so jealous of us getting these two guys to eat with us! Oh Ryan and Paul. Kiss me please.

Karlie said...

Bring on the food......and the hotties!! Ow ow!