Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my 3 year anniversary trip with ryan anderson

I was lucky enough to get invited to go to one of my favorite places on Saturday. And since I am so outdoorsy, here I am using my new back pack! I went to bass lake with 6 friends. i almost missed out on this yearly tradition this year, so i am extremely grateful that the weather permitted me to go on the last real weekend of the summer.

here's the view from the beginning of the trail. can you beat that!? doubt it. can you see all the great whites down there? pretty sure you can see them jumping up through the water every few seconds. (total j slash k)

this is how excited i was to be on my way to bass lake on such a sunny day. it was probably over 80 degrees outside, which was more than perfect.

i don't have any photos of us swimming around in the lake, but just imagine me swimming around in a lake and loving my life for an hour or so with my hot pink raft. see photos here and here if you need a visual. pure bliss and the weather. oh, the weather. so amazing.

did i mention that i went with these hotties again? oh, dear. you are going to get the right impression if i keep posting photos of us together, aren't you?

veronica and i are posing in front of the lake for you on our hike out. have you been to bass lake yet? it is kind of a locals-only thing, so if you live around here, i am happy to pass along the information if you want it.

dear bass lake,

thank you for the good times. i will love you forever.

love, steph

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Rachael said...

Oh Ryan. What.a.dreamboat.