Thursday, September 24, 2009

and now, for the rest of the story.

the day before i left for london, my boss sent me a panicked text asking what i was going to do about my passport. a few weeks earlier, i had gone to the wave organ with some of my girlfriends and when we got home, i no longer had my wallet. i accepted the fact that the waves had swallowed my drivers license and credit cards. i cancelled my credit cards and got a temporary drivers license, and took my passport with me to dc as my photo id.

am i the only one who finds it ironic that someone found my wallet the day that i left for london? i don't think i believe in coincidences anymore.

on saturday morning, i found myself in a cafe eating breakfast with darrel.

i could summarize my weekend in london by using the following words -

even when we got a flat tire going 80 miles an hour down the motorway.

even when darrel got to show me how manly he is by changing the flat tire.

even when helped me fulfill my dreams and took me to stonehenge.

and when he took me on a paddle boat in hyde park.

and when he took me to see his coworkers, the guards, at st. james palace.

and when we went to see the quintessential london icon, big ben.

especially when we carved/drew our initials in a tree in hyde park.

oh heavens.


heidikins said...

Squeeeee!!!!!! Ohmygoodness I am so excited for you!!! Yay for London! Yay for Darrell! Yay for Stonehenge! God Bless the Queen!


Piper said...

I think your adjectives fit brilliantly... Always waiting for the next installment!!

Bud & Kim said...

You look so happy! I'm glad that you had an awesome time.

Justin and Silvia said...

Steph you looked so happy in these pictures! London is amazing beautiful specially when you have a awesome company as Darrel to be with you.
Love you Zundel! Miss you too!

Autumn said...

Whoa he is a hotty. Sounds like you had fun. Yay for London!

angelabarton said...

WOW...what can I how was it really? Is he the one? Details, details....we haven't spoken in so long, but I feel like it's old times again, lunch buddies, after I read your blog! Hope the trip was AMAZING and of course worth the "I'm not going to my 10 year high school reunion so I can go visit a boy in London (for a weekend!)" Hope it was fun! Talk to you soon!!

P.S. how much and what's your address....whenever you get back down from cloud 9.

Love ya