Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In which I tell you why I went to London this last weekend.

And back by popular demand, here I am. My life has been just a little bit crazy the last week or so and I don't think my body knows exactly what time it is or where it is for that matter. I have been pretty vague here on my blog as to some things going on with me recently and since I usually bare it all for you here anyway, here is my latest attempt.

A few weeks ago, I met a guy while he was in San Francisco on vacation. His name is Darrel. I met his best friend while I was in Geneva for New Years this year and the two of them came through San Francisco over their two week vacation and stayed with me for a night.

Isn't he dreamy?
{yes. yes he is}

We hit it off. We had a little drama the weekend I was in Catalina.
And, I started to like him.

{Enter in about 4 phone calls and about a hundred emails over a 5 week time period. Also enter in one plane ticket to DC purchased for the express reason to meet up with him on October 9th.}
And there are some minor details that you should know; like....he is in the British Army and is going to Afghanistan for 7 months. He wasn't sure when he would be deployed, but he thought that it would be either late October or early December.

Last week I was in Maryland for work and on Tuesday, I got an email from Darrel saying that he received his deployment date and that he would be sent to Afghanistan on October 3rd.


A week before we were supposed to meet up.

The next 24 hours unfolded as such:
1. My boss's boss told me to forget my high school reunion and go to London.
2. I emailed my boss to see if I could take a few days off this week.
3. I talked to Darrel to see if he had plans for the weekend.
4. I bought a plane ticket to London.
5. I squeeled. A lot.

I have to say that I realize that people don't just go to London for the weekend. But in the same breath, I have to also say that I realize I am not normal.

And now that I've got you on the edge of your seat, you will have to wait until tomorrow for photos and stories from this weekend. Everyone say it with me "Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"


heidikins said...

What the cliffhanger!! I want stories NOW!


The Smith Family said...

OH gosh! What a hottie!
Tell me more!

Who Knew . . . said...

I have said it many times with you and I will say it again "Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Margie said...

STEPHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! LOVe it! and you of course!

bex said...

I am going to make up juicy endings to this story until you post the real thing. Right now I am imagining that you just joined the army yourself and will be conducting a camouflaged love affair for the next 7 months.

Veronica said...


Joy said...

This is awesome & exciting, and you are hilarious! This post made me laugh so much-- Love the story. It should be a movie, in fact. I'm excited to hear what happens next!

UZI said...

Oh, I know the story and I LOVE IT!!!
EEeeeeeeee!!!! :)