Friday, October 9, 2009


remember that one time i was at work until 10pm on a thursday? oh wait. that is now. no need to remember. there are a lot of reasons for my absence from blogging and none of them are good. like my dad says, "excuses are like arm pits. we all have them and they all stink." speaking of stinking, i didn't shower this morning either. and you are right - i have no makeup on either. and i'm wearing the same jacket in this photo that i was wearing in the last photo i posted on my blog. yep. i'm awesome.

the good news with all of this is that tomorrow can only get better. hopefully.


Margie said...

Steph, I miss you! Even if you haven't showered and are wearing the same sweater you wore a week ago.... :)

Stacey said...

Steph, I just read this and thought you wrote it for me:) It is after 1am and I didn't take a shower today, nor put on makeup and am wearing the same clothes as yesterday! least I changed my underwear!