Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Call me Cinderella

Dear Shelley,
Your post last week about your cleaning spree has made me mental. Please see the below photo of my room on Saturday afternoon. I must admit that cleaning out underneath my bed was inspired by Kim, but since she was inspired by you and I would like to blame someone, there you go.

Do you see the leaves that had gathered under my bed from my porch door being open all the time? I'm not sure that my room is quite up to Badger standards, but I am working on it and will send you some photos when it is complete. I should have taken before/after photos.

All in all, here is a summary of what I want to say to you:
1. You are my cleaning idol.
2. When can you move in?



The Smith Family said...

Love it, love it, love it.
I'm totally honored... and glad I could inspire you!
I'll have to let you know when I put my cleaning advice post up!

Bud & Kim said...

Ha, ha, ha! I love it. I cleaned the bathroom yesterday. :-)

Justin and Silvia said...

Steh and now you inspired me to clean my room which is a mess. I haven't cleaned for weeks and there you go. I will clean my room tomorrow for sure!!
Thank you Steph that was inspired by Kim that was inspired by Shelley ... hahaha this is an inspiration circle now

Rachael said...

Next time, clean underneath mine too. Thanks in advance.