Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Friday! OR The Time I Decided I Love Myself

I think that I'm going to make this for my room this weekend. As if all of you aren't reminding me enough.

Today I was going through some old emails, searching for something specific, when I stumbled upon the ONLY email I have saved from a relationship from a few years ago. Of course years after the fact, I have built it up in my head to have been a relationship where all we did was fight in the parking lot, have drama, and definitely not have very much fun. In light of the phone call I received yesterday, it has put some things into perspective. For example, it is easy to remember yourself in a relationship and think "We didn't have very much fun, so I'm glad we broke up..." or whatever the reason. I just think that sometimes, relationships just don't work out and there isn't always a clear reason. You don't have to lie to yourself to make the reason that you broke up OK. After reading the previously mentioned email, I laughed and thought about how shocking it is that he and I didn't get married. Heck - it is shocking that I didn't marry a few of the guys that I have dated. Don't you think? After all my trips to meet up with boys in New York, in Cabo San Lucas, in London. I guess I just need to find the guy who is willing to make that crazy trip to San Francisco.

Of course this prompted me to look up some saved emails I have from other relationships that have ended and they all included phrases such as: I miss you so much; we used to have so much fun together, I still love you, etc.

I'm not sure what I said to them at the time, but here is my response from today:

Yeah you do, I am awesome.


MrsEm said...

Have you heard the Brett Dennen song "the one who loves you the most?"

Nina said...

stumble upon your blog while searching for ?? I lost track. Just have to leave a comment on your post. I agreed, you are awesome and yes, there is a guy out there looking for you, just you. And when he finds you he's going to ask where have you been all his life? I'm going to bookmark your page so I can come back and see how awesome you are.

Joy said...

This is great! I hope you really did end up making that banner. And I love your response to the past emails!!