Friday, February 5, 2010

Pandora Doesn't Keep Your Secrets

I was showing a friend today how to look up people's radio stations in Pandora so that she could listen to my new-found favorite Broadway Musical station. The best thing about looking up your friends is that you can see what they have been listening to lately.

A lot of people are predictable:

And some surprised me with their Toby Keith station...

And their love for Ke$ha & Womanizer....
And maybe I have some friends who are beach bums and are trying to have a baby....
And um....I cannot explain the Love Songs on this playlist. But it makes me laugh everytime I see it on here. Seriously? Love Songs?

And this definitely wasn't a shock. Some things never change, do they, Dan.

I think that what people listen to on Pandora is very telling since most listen to it alone. I would just encourage you to all keep listening to what you love the most so that I can keep on judging you and calling you out in front of the internets.

Happy Friday.

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