Thursday, February 4, 2010

Procrastination at its finest.

I usually get a reminder from my roommate that it is time to update my blog, but I haven't had an email or an IM like that for some time. I just realized today that "oh yeah. I have a blog."

My picture taking skills lately have been limited to various projects I have been working on such as painting some of the common areas in my apartment or other craft projects that you will see more of later. I wish I could resolve to do better, but I probably won't. :)

Last weekend my mother was in town and nope, we didn't take a single photo. Zach was also in town on Friday, so we went to our favorite Indian restaurant where we learned that Indian food is too spicy for my mother and that we are sick of the rain in this town. On Saturday, we brunched with my girlfriends and then shopped until we dropped. My mom wanted to buy some brown boots and what we realized after hours of scouring DSW, Bloomingdales, Aldo, Nordstrom, and Macy's, is that she has something VERY specific in mind and it is a little late in the season to be shopping for boots. Never fear - we did get my mom 2 new dresses and I got a cute jacket and sweater on sale at Nord's. In the evening we went to see Wicked, which my mother had never seen before. I hadn't been in about 5 years, so it was great to see it again and enjoy it with my mom. Just as I knew she would, she loved it and laughed her way through the show.

The rest of the week has had the following highlights:
  • Eating tacos with my family up in Marin and watching old family videos from the 40s. Seeing where I get my awesome dance moves from is always enjoyable.
  • On Tuesday I did 4 loads of laundry and PUT IT ALL AWAY by the end of the night. Rita, I hope you read that and thought that we should go out for a celebratory dinner in honor of it just like I did. And to all of you - if you only knew how much mental exertion it took for me to do all that in one evening, you'd be so proud.
  • Wednesday morning, my parents came over and we painted the rest of the living room and the bathroom. Just a few small things left to do in the bathroom and the home improvement projects will be so much closer to being done.
  • I have committed to 3 races in the months of April & May. Time to get new running shoes. Which reminds me...
And now for the lowlights:
  • I have committed to 3 races in the months of April & May. Time to get new running shoes.
  • In the midst of the painting on Wednesday, I found a dead mouse in the kitchen right next to the stove. At least it was just laying there dead instead of in a trap AND my dad was there to take care of it. I do not deal well with dead animals.
  • My youngest cousin got engaged this week. He is 20. I figured I'd have a few years before I had to worry about him getting married. I am happy for him, and I am also trying to figure out how I can get married before August. Any ideas? Any takers?
  • Two Coldstream Guards were killed in Afghanistan on Monday. Darrel was not one of them, but I had a few good hours where it was all I could think about. Dear May - please hurry up and get here so that I can stop checking the news every few hours. Love, Me
  • Last night I was touching up a few areas in the bathroom before I went to bed. I was closing the paint can with a few light taps of the hammer when the neighbor started pounding on the kitchen wall. So I said out loud "Oh yeah?" And then I turned on the dishwasher, which is right on the other side of the wall from his bed. This morning at 5:15am, he was slamming doors and pounding around his apartment. What a special neighbor.
Ok your turn to comment on my life.


Piper said...

The thought of you turning on the dishwasher to annoy the neighbor made me laugh. I LOVE it! I too am sorry for all the rain you are getting. My hubby was in SF last week and took my ipod with him- so he changed to location to SF in order to check the weather. After he got home I was checking the weather for this week and I almost cried when I saw the forecast included rain EVERY DAY. I told him I did not know what I was going to do with our dog (new puppy) because I did not want to have to bathe him and mop the floor every time he needed to go out. A day later, after trying to understand how it was going to rain with not a cloud in the sky, I looked a little closer and saw my ipod was still set for SF. What a relief for me! But I was really sad for you. :)

Bud & Kim said...

Ha, ha! I love your posts. New running shoes huh? I just got these: and I heart them very much. Love you!

Derek and Ang said...

You've got to give a real update on the Darrel situation...We are getting only bits and pieces! =)