Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Remember the time I went to Santa Barbara?

A few weeks ago I went to Santa Barbara with some friends. We did a lot of relaxing and touring while we were there. Here are a few snapshots of the things we did while there over the long President's Day weekend.

I think I want to make goal to see all of the missions in California by the end of 2011. Maybe I'll put it on my list of resolutions for next year. More on that later. We went to the mission in Santa Barbara though and it was pretty nice. Here we are standing in front of a statue of Junipero Serra. I guess if you are from California, you would be super familiar with this name since there are Junipero Serra streets everywhere here. I just found out 2 seconds ago that he was from Mallorca. Note to self: Check out his birthplace next time you go to Mallorca.

After going to the mission, we were all in the mood for a good taqueria. Lucky for us, Laura knew of one, so we quickly were on our way there. Unfortunately, we had to wait for about an hour in line, but it was pretty good. We didn't get any photos of the line and the food. Shame. After our tacos, we decided to go sea kayaking.

Steve and I were quite the pair. We weren't the best at navigating our sea kayak, but we had a great time and I got soaked. And you can see a great view of Santa Barbara from the ocean in the below photo. Yep, it was February 13th and we were sea kayaking with shorts and t-shirts on. Santa Barbara, your weather is my favorite thing ever.

On Valentines Day, Zach came up from LA to hang with us and entertain us. We stayed in this crazy rental house that we think was actually someone's primary residence that they just rent out on the weekend. In the TV room, there was a basket of instruments, so we put together a little band and Zach made up a song. Apparently, I think Zach is funny.

And on our way home on Monday afternoon, we made a few hour pit stop in Solvang. Have you ever been there? I wish I had more photos. If Rachael sends me any of her photos, I will update you accordingly. It is this little Dutch town about an hour away from Santa Barbara and quite close to Neverland Ranch. Very touristy, but I'd say that this is one of the places in California that is a must see. It isn't very often that you feel like you're in the middle of Epcot without the humidity.

Dear Santa Barbara,
I will come back to you soon. Don't you worry.


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