Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday night thoughts...

Saw Alice in Wonderland tonight. Visually it was amazing. Plot was a major thumbs down. At the end, I wanted to yell out "Oh, just get married when you are 19!" Seriously. I did. I'd rather get married at 19 than get on a ship to China with a bunch of stinky sailors. You might not agree, but I thought the ending was laaaame.

Swim class starts in a few hours. My new bathing suit, swim cap, shammy, and goggles are all ready to go.

Tonight I tried to talk a friend into backpacking around Europe for 2 weeks on his vacation. I might have to go back to Europe this year. I think that by talking him into it, I was talking myself into it as well. You all know how much my arm has to be twisted to get talked into taking a European vacation...

And an update on the 100 pushups program. I've actually stuck with it and my coworkers and I are in the middle of week 4. We've been doing the pushups for 5 weeks, but it was getting a little tough, so we decided to take it a little slower and repeat the weeks until we feel like we can move on comfortably to the next week. And we're doing the 200 squats program that is affiliated with the www.hundredpushups.com website. Check it out. Apparently I have been inspiring people do pushups. I hope you are one of them. Early this morning I did 65 pushups without much of a problem. That is pretty awesome.

I do believe that spring has sprung around here and for that, I am grateful. 'Bout dern time. I am over the rain. It is dead to me.

Happy Tuesday.

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Maunderer said...

absolutely agree about the movie and the ending