Saturday, March 13, 2010

the universe has tested me.

oh have i got a story for you.

i took this photo last night when i got home to document how awesome my hair looked at the temper trap concert. and that i wore my glasses, which i can see better without. i was going for the look, people. i don't need glasses. ever. or yet.

remember that one time last summer that i met two english dudes - darrel and andi, and how i kissed darrel after only knowing him for a few hours? and how i usually don't do things like that??

last night at the concert, one thing lead to another and before i knew it, i was kissing a guy from northern england named dan, who was there with his friend andy. luckily i had a witness or two so that i can have reassurance that it wasn't a dream.

i'm starting to see a trend and i'm thinking that i should be moving to england if i ever want to get married. apparently the guys there think i'm smokin' hot. the guys in my ward, not so much.

i could not make this stuff up. yet, this is my life. seriously.

ps. this time, i'm leaving it at a fling. promise.
pps. thanks for not thinking less of me. lets just say i'd gone too deep by the time he wanted to kiss me and i couldn't back out. and why would i want to? lets be real.

Rita would like me to add the text messages that I sent her on Friday night:

9:48: You here?
10:05: On other side. Practicing smiling at attractive men. eeeek
10:06: I'm wearing glasses, a scarf, and my hair is au natural. ha.
10:44: Guy I was making eyes with....British. From same town as Darrel. Eff.
11:09: kissed him.


The Smith Family said...

WOW... Really.
You're such a concert ho!
ha. jk.
I LOVE this post. And honestly... what are the CHANCES... TWO andi/y friends?

Who Knew . . . said...

I am going to stop blogging and just link to yours. Your life is so much more interesting than mine. SB

AJP said...

NO WAY! I'll pack my bags and move to England with you! So fun!