Thursday, June 17, 2010

My life update

Hi. I haven't really posted anything "real" in a while and heavens knows that I have things to post about.

First off - the weather around here for the most part lately has been incredible. When the weather is nice in San Francisco, everyone is outside and madness ensues. It had been a few years since I had been to Baker Beach, so Jeff and I went to enjoy the sunshine for his birthday. Happy birthday!

Of course I couldn't bother to stand up while taking a pic of the thousands of people out on the beach - but you get the idea.

On Sunday, I wore a dress that I bought about oh, over 3 years ago (please notice that I never dyed it black). I bought it in the mail and didn't fit in it. And now I do. thankyouverymuch. And here is what I did wear to that wedding in case you can't remember.

Rita paid some day laborers to clear out the weeds in the backyard. If only I knew someone named Rumpelstiltskin. If you do, please let me know quickly. Thanks.

Then I went to the Giants Country fair before LDS night at the Giants on Tuesday. I have more photos of the game that I can post later, but it was just enough of the fair to make it feel like summer. But too cold to make it fun.

But Rachael insisted on having fun. Please zoom in to check out how happy she is in that photo. She wanted the adventurous ride while I wanted the hot tub ferris wheel.

I have been in San Francisco for almost 2 weeks straight. With a few small trips to Oakland and San Jose, I've been in the city the entire time. Can you believe it? I'm going to shoot for a month solid. Come July 2, I make no promises. Except to Amy - and that I promise to get on the plane to Denver for our next adventure.

And I want to make this sometime soon. Who wants to come over?

And I am working on a summer playlist for you. Yep. Get excited.

And I am trying to teach myself how to play cribbage on my iphone.

Times are good, people. Times are good.


Piper said...

OK- That cake looks perfect- we might have to try in down here in our neck of the woods as well!! :) (That is if this baby comes NOT anywhere near her due date of July 5...)

khanson said...

i love that dress on you! so cute.