Friday, September 3, 2010

Update: there is no update.

I'm getting ready to leave on my annual business trip to Maryland. Since I always spend the weekend before and after there and it is my birthday this weekend, I'm going to Duck Beach with friends for the long weekend. Hurricane Earl has already left the building, so no worries about me getting carried away in the wind.

A lot of you are wondering if I heard about the job today and the news is that there is no news. I will have to wait until next week apparently to hear my fate. Hearing news that could change my life drastically will definitely be easier on me if I have a good tan. Yep. I have spent far too little time in the sun this summer. Being with good friends on the beach is JUST what I need.
Also, this year I'm learning from the past and taking my passport with me. Just in case. Because you never know what could happen. And maybe my british plug adapter, but that is just because i'm sentimental.
Happy Labor Day, everyone. I hope you have a great one.


heidikins said...

Have a blast on the beach!


benae said...
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