Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To finish off the summer...

Earlier this year, I was planning on August being a hassle-free month. I had no major plans - I was free and easy. (tell your friends) Then suddenly, I had all sorts of plans and then this entire month exploded into bits of madness. Let's just go through the month, shall we?

August started off wonderfully. I was in New York with some of my closest friends. Here I am with Zach in St. Patrick's cathedral, lighting a candle for my friend. Because it is tradition.

And I had grilled corn in SoHo for lunch. Oh, food! I miss you!

The weekend of August 14, Scott Porter came to visit. We went on a nature walk in Muir Woods and spent the day eating and laughing with friends. That week, I saw Inception twice. I also know what to call it now when you have a dream that you are falling and you jolt awake. I had quite the "kick" on my flight home from Utah a few nights ago. More on that trip later. Since I'm so awesome at taking photos these days, here is the only photo I got of our hike in Muir Woods. (Scott's foot)

The week following that was when things got crazy. I woke up one morning and had an email that I was wanted for an interview in New York the next week. Lucky for me, I had a day at the California Academy of Sciences with my coworkers where I thought of happy things all day like butterflies.

Afterward, Rachael and I got busy shopping for an interview outfit and this is what we came up with. {Please note that on the actual interview day, I wore dark brown tights and brown suede shoes.}

And while I was at a tap dance event that evening, some exciting things happened for Zach & Heather in New York.

I already told you about the party I went to in LA that weekend, but here are some photos that aren't from my phone of the festivities. Aren't the decorations awesome?

I cannot fail to mention that one of my bff's, Kim, had a baby the following week. She is so precious - can't wait to meet her. Congrats to Kim & Bud!

And to finish off the month, I went to the wedding of my friend Nina who has been dating her now-husband on/off for the last 7 years. It was a very happy day. Most beautiful couple I've ever seen.

My hair looked pretty cute for the reception. Thanks, Uzi.

And I caught the bouquet.

While I was in Utah, I was able to see Matt and his family (thanks for dinner!) and stop by my sister's house to see her cute kids. Next time, I'm bribing Daniel with twizzlers again.

Monday, Amy invited me to the Giants game. We had Club Level seats and they were awesome. Thanks, Amy!

Please note that we were wearing wool hats in August. Yep, that is how cold it was.

To finish off the month, I went with friends to Santa Cruz to enjoy the rides and beach-side scenery.

August, you brought it. You had all the right moves in all the right places. I can only imagine that September is going to be even better.

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