Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doesn't get much more exciting.

A friend told me yesterday that she can't wait to come visit me in New York and follow in the footsteps of my exciting life. I couldn't help but laugh at that. Let me give you a run down of my day yesterday, which is VERY typical:
7:00 am: alarm goes off- snooze
7:09 am: snooze
7:18 am: snooze
7:27 am: snooze
7:36 am: snooze
7:45 am: realize what time it is and get out of bed
8:30 am: walk the half mile to the Subway because I have just missed the free shuttle from my building.
9:15 am: get to work late because I have just missed two subway cars by mere seconds.
6:00 pm: leave work
6:30 pm: realize that I have an hour until I am feeding the missionaries, so I go to Starbucks, order a tea and play a game on my phone that I am addicted to .
7:30 pm: eat dinner at the Greek Kitchen around the corner from my house with the missionaries. It was super delicious. I will be going back as soon as possible.
9:00 pm: activities committee meeting at the church at Lincoln Center.
10:20 pm: get home
10:30 pm: in bed
11:30 pm: talk to yourself about how you are crazy for being addicted to some stupid game on your iphone, say your prayers and go to sleep.

Other items of interest:
Advice on how to live on a tight budget.
Let's just say that I might get invites sometimes because of the subway card I buy every month and my willingness to shove someone in a turnstyle with me.

Rebecca & Derek's fabulous wedding is finally up on Martha Stewart's website

Last night I was at Starbucks as previously mentioned and Adele's CD was playing in the background. I heard the people next to me talking and the conversation went like this:
Guy: Oh, this is totally my song!
Girl: Who is singing?
Guy: Here name is Adele (pronounced - Ah dee-lee)
I just shook my head. Learn how to pronounce her name if this is "totally your song."

Happy Wednesday!


Bud & Kim said...

What an awesome wedding! I wish I was that creative. So fun!

Jason Graham said...

What's this activities committee stuff? I mean, hello? new handbook?