Monday, March 14, 2011

Grateful for: Being Single

I have had some varied experiences with men as of late that I'd like to relay to you. I will keep this as anonymous as possible to protect the reputation of the guilty parties.
  • I went speed dating a few months ago and had 6 matches, which I thought was a pretty good number considering the number of times I said "yes". I had a guy email me soon afterward and ask me for my phone number which I thought was considerate since he already had it via the speed dating "you got a match" email. He's told me at least 3 times now via text and email that he'd like to take me out and then has done nothing. I invited him to a group activity last week and ran into a friend while with him. She asked me how I met him and turns out, she met him speed dating, too. Apparently she got the same "funny" email from him that I did, asking for her number and he's taken her out and asked her on a second date already. Not so charming anymore, Speed Dating Guy.
  • I had a guy stare at me on and off for over an hour the other night in the temple. Awesome. I had not showered in 2 days. Glad I ever spend time getting ready for anything. I have heard that he wants to ask me out. I'm not super optimistic.
  • Got an email from a guy that I really care about that just said "Loser" with no other text.
  • Had a great date with someone, he told me he wanted to see me again - that was a month ago and I have heard nothing.
  • Got a text from someone today saying that they never see me on gchat anymore and they are wondering if we are still friends. I emailed and texted back. No response.
And before anyone out there thinks that I am a manhater, I will tell you that last night I had dinner with Scott and it was great - he is wonderful. I also had a man friend volunteer to run 11 miles with me on Saturday. The next man to tell me that women are complicated is going to get a punch in the nose.


Jason Graham said...

Go go Gadget 3,567 mile arm to punch those boys in the face. Morons.

Piper said...

I like Jason's idea.

Audrey said...

One spring break in college my roommate and I went on a random road trip to California with a bunch of people that we had barely met. One of the guys spent the entire trip flirting with me and even held my hand and then when we got back to Rexburg, he totally brushed me off. I felt like a total idiot.

Bud & Kim said...

So frustrating! Sorry things in that dept have been a pain in the butt lately. Miss ya! Come visit me in sunny AZ soon. ;-)

Traci G said...

for. the. love.