Thursday, May 26, 2011

List Day - May 2011 Edition

  • Yesterday I was gchatting with Uzi and I started to tell her a really horrible (read: sick) joke and I totally screwed it up. And I cannot stop laughing about it. Seriously - still laughing as of this morning. If you want to know the joke, email me.
  • My coworker just told me that instead of dying her hair as often as she needs to to cover her gray hairs, she colors them with a sharpie. Apparently this lasts for at least 2 washes.
  • Speaking of dying your hair, I am blonde-blonde again. Love.
  • Last night when I got my hair done, they charged me $45 to blow dry my hair. Oh, New York.
  • I am going to Duck Beach tomorrow for a week. I have been squealing in delight for a week straight.
  • Go here and vote for me again. Polls close tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who has already voted for me. :)
  • I started taking a running class once a week. There was a girl that I was running with for about 20 minutes when we finally started chatting. She's from the UK. boom.
  • Uzi and I have been on a roll for a few weeks now - I have a feeling that this weekend at Duck is going to be out of control. If you are going, you have been duly warned.
  • And now, pictures!
  • This woman was in my travel group when I was in Galveston Island a few weeks ago and she showed up to do site visits all day looking like this. Please keep in mind that she was at least 60 years old - her legs were hairy and had major age spots. We were all dying all day. Lucky for me, lots of people took photos and then sent them to me.
  • When I was in Houston I was able to spend the evening with Karen and Victoria and it is always like no time has passed. They are my proof that no one you meet is a coincidence. Seriously - I met them in Italy when I was 21. The second photo is Victoria's daughter Sara. Isn't she gorgeous? She is a junior in high school.

  • The Brodster at Coney Island.
  • A pic of me running the Brooklyn Half. This was at mile 13 - I was pumping away to finish that darn race.
  • My nephews and niece are hilarious - I was skyping with them the other day and they were going crazy, so I took some photographic evidence. Just to be clear, Hannah was showing me that her skirt had surprise shorts underneath.
  • I went to the ballet the other night to see the American Ballet Theater's rendition of Don Quixote since a few friends from church are in it. Great show - can I go to Spain this summer please? The chandelier at the Met is so gorgeous.
  • My dad sent me this picture the other night of my niece washing the porch at my Grandma's house. I wish I were there to hang out on the porch for a few hours.
  • I saw this the other day and sent it to Rachael but I thought it was worthy to put on le blog. Hilarious. The next time someone asks me to do something that I don't want to, I am just going to send them this photo. For reals.
Smooches to you all. I will be back in a week and will be very sunburned. Please don't tell my dermatologist.

Good day.

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