Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adventures in Dating

A month or so ago I had a long-time friend send me a link to a dating website. If you know me well, you know that I have no opposition to online dating. On this specific site, you enter very basic information such as: if you are religious or into politics and to what degree. And you put up a photo. Done.

I put up a date idea a few weeks ago and had some guy send me a message saying that he was interested in my date idea. The conversation that followed totally made my day:

Me: Hey there! Still want to check out the Cloisters?
Him: sure. why not? what sort of serious faith do you have that fits into other?
Me: Are you asking me what religion I am? I'm fairly sure you are - and I'm Mormon, actually.
What about you?
Him: not really religious at all. think it might be more fun if were then cause it would seem more wrong for all the things i do :)
Me: having rules to break always adds to the excitement, for sure. ha
Him: so you break the rules often? isn't it too hot today to wear magic underwear let alone any underwear? :)
Me: Wouldn't you like to know....
Him: actually i would...
Me: look. if this underwear were magic, i wouldn't be online dating. lets be real.

I win.

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