Monday, July 25, 2011

Catch up part 1 - Duck Beach

This year Duck Beach was a major highlight. We played so hard that by the time I left, I looked Latina and had averaged approximately 4 hours of sleep per night for a week straight.

We had so many good times. So many. I will just let the pictures speak for me.

Always a good time with Scott.
Watermelon in the pool with my girls. Oh how I love this photo.

This is how rumors start about things at Duck Beach.

And this photo may be the wallpaper on my phone.

Uzi and Toddles

The view during sacrament meeting. Yep, I am sitting in the hall and there are hundreds of people standing around me. During sacrament meeting. This is not after church.

View from our kitchen deck.

Scott is obsessed with taking pyramid photos. Obsessed. In turn, I have a collection of pyramid photos. Luckily, they are always with some of my most favorite people.

Um, sorry, Scott....

Uzi and I had to hit up an island so that we could keep up with our Summer Island Adventure. We went down to Roanoke Island for a few hours the morning that we flew home. I have been there before, but it was the first unsuccessful English colony in North America. I get excited about it. =nerd

And for the Grand Finale, some mathematical equations for you:

1. Steph + Todd = Steph Todd

2. Kristy Uzelac + Stephanie Zundel = Kristephanie Zundelac (duh)

3. Me + Duck Beach + Good Friends = Happiness

PS - Wendy made a great list from people's follow up emails of fun memories from our house this year. Since this blog is really for me anyway (sorry, Rach), here is the list.

1. Dorian's cowboy recitation of "Square Dancing on My Heart" at Duck Deli

2. "Just Dance"...but not with the yellow controller... for HOURS... never got old

3. Mauri's photo shoot

4. Watching Kristine, Scott, and Christian work out while the rest of us ate breakfast

5. The video sent to our iphones of Vicki running and (trying to) jump on Shamu while Michael moves it out of the way!!!

6. Cruzin' to Duck and crankin' the tunes!!!

7. Norfolk Costco reunions with other 'Mormon Ducks'

8. Dance Parties galore til 3:00am!! Including spontaneous new dance moves such as the "Don't Stop Believing" group sit

9. Karaoke!! Don's Backstreet Boys backup dancers (Wendy, Kristi, & Alicia) and adoring crowd of female groupies

10. Double dream hands & feet dance by everyone in the house at once! shoulder. chin. shoulder, shoulder, shoulder...

11. Trying to build a beach pyramid with sunscreen lathered bodies

12. Toothpicks. Diver down. SAFETY FIRST!!! Carrie's epic fake-out bumping Scott out of the game & Anna getting pushed back in again, and again. SAFETY FIRST!!!

13. Scrum on steroids--Rita not being able to remember to let go of the cue ball

14. Ultimate Frisbee intimidating kick-off dances and goal celebrations

15. Dance prison--how was that Travis!

16. Alicia and Boone's eye of the tiger Rocky routine--complete with arm-chair cover & killer punches

17. Spencer's "hit me baby one more time" dedicated to Wendy (kinda freaky)

18. Brett's black man's hair

19. The birth of the best dance move ever...the jumping shimmy (perfected by Jen) :)

20. Scott's "chicky chicky parm parm" and more of his and Vick's Porter-isms and abbreviations

21. 3am viewing of Tom Haverford's food names...over, and over, and over.

22. "What you ought to know" celeb viewing

23. Rook tourney until the wee hours complete with pu-pu-pu-pu-poker faces. Or not.

24. Patti Papsicle and her many expressions of surprise. "Yeah, I was supwised."

25. Travis packing heat on his swim trunks!

26. Culinary genius of the meal leaders and their crews--pistachio salmon, margarita chicken, kabobs, mexican corn, breakfast blankies, brown sugar bacon, and who knew so much could be done with pre-birds??

27. Hot tub confessionals. (Brett's specialty).

28. Beach cruisers and long walks...

29. The "No Recording" sign outside our house.

30. Tons of toe trauma--including Brett jack-knifing his foot

31. Flying fighting kite, puzzling and riding house bike with no theft

32. Boogie boarding catching some totally awesome waves in the warm ocean

33. Trying to take the raft and oars out past the waves and getting pummeled!

34. Chasing crabs and being brave with Alicia to let them walk on our feet...Todd trying to be brave and then giving up and screaming like a girl

35. Pool play, pink floaties, watermelon, toothpicks and Shamu not to mention the subterranean divers

36. Martha Washington up-do contests in the hot tub

37. Patti singing "You Shook Me All Night Long"--OPERA STYLE

38. Watermelon Pool Scumming--including the opposing teams' clever strategies of "7 minutes in heaven" & "wedgies from hell"

39. Rob K's flash demonstration of why his chest doesn't look like the house owner's picture

40. Scott making wind for Alicia's hair with a cookie sheet during her celine dion cover debut

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