Wednesday, August 31, 2011

There are no strings attached to my friend with benefits.

Yesterday I came across this hilarious list of 25 questions to ask someone when you're stuck together during a hurricane. I was kind of stuck with someone this last weekend and though we are great friends, we aren't romantically interested in each other. I still sent it to him. And it reminded me of a recent list that I came up with (I'm sure based on some other list that I saw on that website). Drumroll please.

Reasons to justify having a makeout buddy.

1. He has cable - you don't.
2. He lives alone - you don't
3. His couch is quite comfortable and yours feels like a metal bench with a piece of pleather over it.
4. He always seems to contact you when you are out and about - and he lives close to a subway stop.
5. I like to kiss. So shoot me.

And in relation to the list above:

Reasons to justify not having a makeout buddy:

1. He doesn't speak to you in public.
2. You like someone else.
3. Two of the reasons above no longer exist due to a recent move.

Carry on.


heidikins said...

6. He has AC and you don't.


Uzi said...

7. He has tickets to the Def Leppard/Heart concert and you don't.