Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alive. Barely.

Well, it is official.  I'm no longer in my 20's.  The night of my birthday, I was laying in bed with one of my best friends and she said "Do you feel different?"  I looked at her and said "Nope" and she said "See? Not so bad, right?"

I will post all the gory details of my birthday celebration in the next few days, but for now, I just wanted you to know that I made it.  I'm not exactly sure how I got here, but here I am and 30 feels just fine.

This week I was sitting on the patio of my new apartment with friends, playing hearts and I seriously thought to myself: "Life. is. good."

Someone told me a few months ago that I didn't seem settled in New York.  I didn't know exactly what he meant by that and after doing a lot of thinking and soul searching and purging,  I'd like to officially announce that I am settled.  And it feels so good.

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