Monday, October 10, 2011

Three months late - San Francisco trip!

A few months ago I went to San Francisco and I just recently realized that I never put the photos up from that great/too short trip.  I was really lucky that my sister and her kids happened to plan a vacation there the same time that I was there, so I was able to see my always adorable niece and nephews and give them too much candy.
Can you blame me?!  Hannah - age 4.

My Uncle Mike.  He is the best.  I am his number one niece, after all.   

I asked Hannah to smile for the photo and this is what I got.  I would like to put her in my pocket so I can take her with me wherever I go.  She is a hoot.  

"Daniel, be sad!"

Sam & Ryan climbing in the tree outside Gram's house.  Lots of generations of Zundels have climbed those trees!

Me and my sis.

Gram & Hannah
Hannah is also the only child who will sit still long enough for a photo.  Can you tell?

Auntie Ilene & Daniel

My awesome Gram.  She is going to be 98 in December.  Can you believe it?

Deb & Blair.  Aren't they darling? 


I already had this photo on my blog in the last few months, but I love it so much, that here it is again.  Cannot wait to see you in a few months!

Silvia drove up to see me from Santa Cruz - at the time she was about 7 months pregnant.  Isn't she the cutest pregnant lady?  Sil - thanks again for making the drive.  Gold star.

I'm not sure how well you can see this photo, but it is the fog rolling over the hills off the 280.  Oh, nostalgia.

Making the familiar drive over the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to my Gram's house. 

 Breakfasting with Jane.  

Lunching with some of my favorite old coworkers.  These ladies are the best.  

I will fully admit that when I walked into the lobby pictured below (my old office), I ran into an old coworker and started crying when she hugged me.  I think I just realized how much I really loved working for the Academy.  I still feel like they are my family and I am now for sure an eye doctor snob.  Walking down the hallway, people would say hi to me as if I was there every day and then a few steps later they would stop and say "Wait! You don't work here anymore!"  Speaks volumes for a company where hardly anyone leaves.  I miss you guys.

And last but not least, the view from Rachael's apartment at night.  I'm considering quitting my job and just occupying Rachael's living room.  I hear she makes good desserts, too.

 I'm going back to San Francisco in approximately 2 months and I can't wait.  Just, you know, visiting the pieces of my heart that I left behind.


erica said...

love all the pictures!!! i'm glad you were able to see so many friends and family in such a short time. man, you are one loved woman. :)

Carol Joy said...

Oh, seeing your wonderful Grandma in that picture made me so happy! She's seriously one of the best people who've ever lived on the earth!! I love when I get to see her when I go to my home ward. So stinkin cute.

Debra said...

I'm so glad you mentioned your blog tonight. I'm taking a trip down memory lane! I look forward to seeing pics from your amazing princess day!!!