Friday, October 7, 2011

Split Screen Sadness

You know in the movie "500 Days of Summer" when Tom is going to Summer's party and you see the split screen of reality vs. expectations?  I have felt recently in my life that a split screen like that would be applicable in many aspects.  As you can probably tell from my last post, I have been extremely frustrated with dating recently.  With LDS guys, with non-LDS guys.  Yep, I have been on dates with both flavors lately.  And now you want details.  I can tell.

The hard thing for me in this aspect is that you, my readers (fans), aren't all LDS or not.  So let me paint a picture for you of what some aspects of a given date are like:

Greeting with an LDS date:
We see each other and there might or might not be a hug that is definitely not super affectionate.  Things that might be said at this time - "How are you?"

Greeting with a non LDS date:
We see each other and there is a hug and a kiss on the cheek followed immediately by a "You look great!"  Then possibly a "How are you?"

During dinner we both have good conversation.  There might be an awkward moment with the non-LDS guy when I don't order an alcoholic beverage.  I will also say that in my most recent experiences, the LDS guy paid for me and the non-LDS guy didn't.

We leave dinner to go to our after-dinner activities.

LDS guy either has a plan that for some unexpected reason doesn't work out or hasn't made a plan and is now fumbling, trying to figure something out.  I make a suggestion.  We do that.

Non-LDS guy asks me if I want to go get another beverage.  I agree and we end up at a bar where we watch "the game" on TV and talk more while he puts a very G-rated move on me.  I am now drinking sparkling water, just to be completely clear.  Still awkward for my date that I am not drinking something a bit harder.

Saying goodbye with LDS guy: In my head I am wondering if he is going to escort me to either a) my home or b) the closest subway station.  Neither happens.  We have a very awkward goodbye that feels very much like "See ya, buddy!"  I walk myself to the subway very confused.  And upset.

Saying goodbye to the non-LDS guy: He has already asked me out on a second date while he is holding my hand walking me to the subway station without being asked.  He gives me a nice kiss goodnight and I go into the subway station and go home, not wondering what just happened.

The funny thing about BOTH of these scenarios is that they both ended up in the same result.  A few days later, it was either "I don't think that we are a great match" or "I didn't feel our relationship moving to the next level."  I will let you guess which response went with which scenario.  What I'm saying is that the result was the same in the end, but the delivery was totally different.  I think that both of the guys are really nice and I had fun with both of them.

There is a singles conference this weekend here in New York and let me tell you in my most monotone voice how excited I am to go to it.  Get me to a nunnery, STAT.  I think that I am just in a funk but it is nothing that a bunch of hummus and games of hearts can't cure.  Good thing I have a plethora of those in my life thanks to Costco and a very social roommate.  Thanks, friends.


kt said...

You are hereby allowed to be frustrated.

Also, I think hummus is a great idea!

Hugs to you from California!

MrsEm said...

I think you're the best. :)