Thursday, December 22, 2011


Better late than never, right?  

I remember the good old days when there were leaves on the tree below my window.  This photo was taken the day after I moved in - which was also the weekend of Hurricane Irene.  Yep, this is what New York looked like an hour after the eye of the tiger hurricane hit us.

In August I moved into a new apartment.  I have been there for almost 4 months now and life is grand on 74th street.  I walk up to the 5th floor several times a day and am greeted by this huge bedroom.  Well, at least compared to my last room, this is ginormous.  I love it.

This is what I have over the dresser now:


The living room - 

And over the sofa now - 

My very own bathroom!  Well, kind of.  
When your bathroom is off the living room, you kind of share it with everyone.  

 The medicine cabinet mirrors and lights are the best thing that ever happened to my makeup routine.

We also have a patio upstairs off of Caroline's room.  For a tour of that, you will have to come visit and/or wait until summer when we are spending time outside again.  This post was horribly exciting, but this mostly for my mother and those of you who still need to come visit.  

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Beverly B. said...

Been there:) It's even better in person. The patio is amazing.