Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tis the season to be jolly

This year I have been the instigator of many a Christmas party.  Here is a very brief summary of all of them.

1. Holisizzle - this party was in New York with many of my close friends here in Manhattan.  We had dinner at Brody's house then came to Caroline and I's house for after-dinner activities; aka - visit from Santa, karaoke, and dancing.  Brody was my hot date and Santa read poems about each one of us and we all got gifts associated with the poem.  What a fun time.  I laughed so hard I had a headache.  

I have such wonderful friends here in New York and this is just a handful of them.  Oh I love you all. 

2. San Franidazzle - this party was in San Francisco and it was so great to be with so many dear, dear friends.  I told someone that day that it was good to be with so many people who just know my heart.  In a million ways it was like I'd never been gone.  The food - as always was amazing - and the company was just the best.  Having Adam as my date was great and Homie Santa was a highlight of the evening.

Love. Just love.  For everyone in this photo.  

3. The most recent Christmas party (not the last!) was last night with Ryan.  We had a Christmas party for 2 and it was great.  We had great food, gifts, laughs, and danced.  He is just the best. 

More Christmas updates coming soon - this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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