Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

A month or so ago, my friend Jen and I decided that we would be spending Thanksgiving together.  For weeks we were trying to figure out what the reality of that meant.  There were people that for various reasons we wanted to avoid and thus scheduling became difficult.  About a week before Thanksgiving, our mutual bestie, Rachael, sent us an email that said " I can't deal with you girls and your crappy Thanksgiving plans!!" with a flight itinerary attached.  Thanks for saving us, girl. 

Jen's office overlooks Macy's and the end of the parade, so we went to fight the masses of people and watch the parade.  Of course I was DVR'ing the parade from home so that I could watch all the performances later in the day and fast forward through all the commercials.

We had to lean really far out of the window of Jen's office to see anything.  Rachael is really scared of heights and looked back at me after her first glance out the window and said "I will need a harness and a Valium!"  If you are my friend on facebook you probably saw the numerous updates that Rachael contributed during the week.  She was full of good one-liners.

Jen & Josh

Rachael started yelling "SANTA!!!!!!" right about this time. 
Apparently I did not get the memo regarding the black coat and purple accessory.
We we have a picture of only me in the kitchen is unclear since Jen is the real mastermind behind our entire dinner.  It was amazing.  She cooked all day and brought the tablecloth and cutlery to make our dinner so beautiful.  Lest Rachael be offended,  I did not mention her floral work and roll contribution and her stunning good looks.

It was such a great week - lots of laughter and good times.  The food was AMAZING and I am still thinking about the apple pie!  Dear Jen & Rachael - thanks for being so awesome. Giving thanks for such great friends and for living in this city is always appropriate, but even more so on Thanksgiving.   XO

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Bud & Kim said...

How fun! Sorry I missed your call last night. This week has been kind of crazy. Bud has been gone in AZ working and I've had rehearsals for my concert tomorrow. I'll call you soon!