Friday, March 23, 2012

On Why I Never Sleep Anymore

I know that you really want the body of this post to be filled with juicy gossip.  I just know it.

Hate to disappoint you, but life has been happening swiftly around me and it is rare that I even get on the computer once I am home from work, so alas, the blog suffers.

Some things for you to consider:

1. I am moving.  I have mixed emotions about my move, but I think that long term, it is the best thing for me even though it has been painful right now.
2. I am only moving 30 blocks north.  Calm down.
3. I'm going to DC this weekend to see friends.  Super excited.
4. I seem to be on the phone a lot lately.
5. Last week I was at dinner with a large group of friends and I looked around and thought to myself - I have amazing friends.  That is a good place to be.
6. Life is good.  Love you all.  Well, most of you.  Probably.


Rae said...

#2 made me laugh because after reading #1 I thought, "This is misleading. Peeps are going to think she's leaving the city." Ha!
I initially read #5 to be about Ashley's dinner at Serafina and thought, "Awwww! I was in that group!" After a second reading I realize.....maybe it was another dinner. Lame. I hope it was Serafina. :)

Bud & Kim said...

You're moving again? Details!