Thursday, June 14, 2012

If you were me for the last week...

...You'd have been tagged on Facebook by a friend from the 6th grade.  And then wondered what happened to your crush from 1992.  {seeing all the comments from the kids I grew up with totally made my heart happy}

...Melissa  would finally send you a picture from Liam's blessing day in all of your Fairy Godmotherness glory.

And you would steal a picture from Jess's blog of you and her and Adrienne at the street fair.
One night while waiting for the subway after a late night stroll in the park, you'd wonder why there are still pay phones on the platform.  
{I'd sooner ask a stranger to use their phone than touch that thing}

You've have gone to an event at the top of the Empire State Building.

and then afterward, you've have gone to a concert for this band.

the next day, you'd have walked around in public carrying a toilet seat and your coworker's scandalous book.

...and then had your "handyman" come over to install the new toilet seat.

  and then on your way to dinner, saw these fine folks on the subway protecting their hair from the rain.

on friday, you'd have sent this picture to some friends in san francisco with the caption "happy red pants friday!"

after you braved Times Square with your cousins before heading downtown for pizza.

and then took the staten island ferry around sunset for a view of the statue of liberty

then you would have woken up at 5am on Saturday morning to be in Central Park by 6:15am so you could volunteer at the NYRR Women's Mini 10k. We sorted out the medals...

and the flowers...

and I stood at the start line and made people angry when I wouldn't let them in the corral.

{I had no idea but this race was the first women's only race in the country and this year was the 40th anniversary.  pretty awesome.}

then on Saturday evening after a long day, you end up at Serendipity's at 11:30pm because you know there will be no line then, and you order yourself a Pink Ice.

and you watch Mindi enjoy a frozen hot chocolate for the first time

and bethany, an apricot smoosh.

on sunday night you find yourself at a tony's party but you are much more interested in some of the other party attendees than what is on tv.

and you show your friends that you know what a tim tam slam is. {thanks, sarah for teaching me}


and since you are the baby whisperer, you get to babysit on Monday for a few hours.

...and then you go to sleep at 10pm for the next 3 nights in a row because you are so tired.


heidikins said...

Holy busy week, Batman!


erica said...

you are one busy woman! your life looks so fun. i'm glad mindy and bethany got to come out and visit, fun!! and nice one blaming the book on your "scandalous co-worker." rrright. :)

Bud & Kim said...

Makes me smile :-)