Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby you're a firework

My Fourth of July this year was great.  Did you know it is my favorite holiday?

I woke up yesterday earlier than normal so that I could go on an outdoor adventure with several friends up in the Hudson River Valley.  We went on a leisurely hike out to some marshlands and then walked back the other direction to a nice waterfall.  It was quite relaxing and it was nice to be with friends from New York in a non-New York setting.

In the afternoon we came back to the city and then prepared to watch fireworks at a friend's house that overlooks the river. 

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One thing that I haven't mentioned so far...yesterday was the hottest I've been in a long time.  Do you know what it is like to take a cold shower for 20 minutes, step outside and then be sweating again immediately?  Let me tell you - good times.  I was grateful to be back at work today for the air conditioning alone. 


Erin Masi said...

Love the striped cardigan!! SO cute! Miss you!!!! xoxo

Carol Joy said...

Too much fun, I can't believe how great Allison's kids are. I guess we're behind, huh? Lol, I love being an Aunt too. LOVED seeing your Grandma, to know her is definitely to love her! She's awesome. I think she looks great.