Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trip to Utah

Last weekend I was in Utah.   It was a super quick trip and I was with my family pretty much the entire time.  I went specifically for my nephew Sam's baptism {safari shirt} and Sophie's baby blessing.  Kristy came down on Saturday evening to take some family pictures for us.   I made some of them black and white since no one could be bothered to plan ahead and get us in coordinating outfits. 

 Here we are - Jared's parents are on the right.  I would like to note that Hannah and Daniel had to stand by me in the photo.  :)  You know that I bribe them with candy, right?

Here is our little fam.

This weekend was packed full of good things.  My favorite things were items as follows:
Taking photos while cuddling with Hannah, age 5.
{I would also like to note now for future reference that at Sam's baptism on Saturday, Hannah looked at me and said: "When I grow up I am going to live in New York with YOU."  I looked at her and said "Please get a job in a hedge fund so we can have a nice apartment."}

Let it also be noted that Daniel said he also wants to move to New York and live with me.  I will agree to it only as long as he continues to make such awesome faces for the camera. Daniel, age 3.

My Aunt was also in town for the family festivities and she is obsessed with puzzles.  When I lived with her about 8 years ago we would do puzzles in the evening while watching baseball with my uncle.  She and my dad stayed up until 3:30 am working on this puzzle.  I think I took this at 11:45pm before I went to bed.  We were still working on it at 11am the next morning.

The biggest reason that I came to Utah was to meet this little one, my new niece Sophie Jeanette.  She is a cute little thing and LOVES to snuggle with her Aunt Steph.

And speaking of people who love to cuddle with their Aunt Steph...

two of my babies...

and two of my babies...
my little "sister" jessica had a baby a day before my sister did and I got to be the doting Auntie all weekend long.
{serenity is on the left and sophie is on the right}

Hannah and her Great Grandma.  Hannah would say "Grandma Zundel, ..." and my mom would answer; and she would quickly say "Not you!"  This girl loves her Great Grandma.  In fact, I think that they are big fans of each other.  She is such a good Grandma.  I can't blame Hannah for loving her so much.

Here is LeOra with Sophie and Serenity.

I hope you haven't had baby overload yet.   Boom.

My coworkers didn't know about the infamous Utah Green Jell-O so when my sister brought it over for lunch on Saturday I had to take a photo.  

With Uzi, it is always like no time has passed.  We haven't lived in the same city for over 5 years but I feel like I communicate with her in some way almost every day.  Zundelac is just here to stay, I guess.  Uzi came down to take our family pictures as I mentioned before, and she stayed to eat tacos with us afterward.  I had to leave for a date so I just left her with my aunt and uncle, grandma, and parents.  No bigs, eh, Uzi?

My Uncle even requested a photo with her.  ha.  
When Uzi and I were roommates I'd take her up to their house for tacos sometimes and we always had a great time.  I sat outside with my uncle on Sunday morning over breakfast and we had a long talk about life - I'm a lucky girl to be in my family.  My Uncle Mike is probably the funniest person I know - there is always laughter if he is around.   And just so I can write this down somewhere, my Grandma was expressing some concern to him and he told her that he had a few prayers up his sleeve and that he was God's backup so there was no need for her to be worried; he was sitting right there.  And he said all of this with a straight face.  He's so crazy!

And just a few other cute photos from the weekend.  LeOra is 98 and will be 99 on 12/12/12.  Isn't that awesome?  I'm not sure why she isn't smiling in this photo; she is laughing most of the time.  
Sisters and sisters.

These kids are just the best.
{Riley age 11.99, Will age 9.99, Sam age 8,  Hannah age 5, Daniel age 3.99, Sophie age .2}

This last weekend was great.  On Sunday afternoon I sat around the kitchen table with the 3 oldest Gunson kids and it reaffirmed to me that they are just as much my siblings as my sister is.  I love them all so much.  We discussed my dating life and it was quite entertaining.  It felt like old times.  I'm glad it was around the same table that we grew up around.  

Hey Utah,  You were awesome.   I'll be back.

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erica said...

i loved this post. i 'm glad you had such a great time with your family. i agree, they're great. :) and sophie is sooooo cute!