Monday, December 17, 2012

Holisizzle 2012

Holisizzle 2012 was on the books for months.  Suzi decided to graciously host us in her fabulous apartment and the day was here before we knew it.

rachael came to ny for the weekend

Ordering take-out from Carmines may be one of the best decisions we made this year.  Nothing can ever measure up to Andrea's amazing cooking, so take-out was a great option for us New Yorkers who do best when we hire things out.

Micah made pumpkin maple profiteroles.  Holy amazing.  I waited 2.5 years to eat these things  and they did not disappoint.

Santa came and everyone took a turn sitting on his lap after he gave us a gift.  Loren did a great job as Santa.


My Santa poem read this year:

“Grab your hat and your boots and I will mine
And go country dancing, but in a straight line”
She’s boisterous and spirited, fun and not simple
She’ll get in your heart with that one little dimple
Give her some props to never forgetting
To recall a password or name, she’s not fretting










The Gents

The ladies

The group
Every year I feel like there is some drama.  This year it was getting everyone a date.  I have to say though that one of my favorite things about the entire evening is having a date and dressing up all fancy-like.  Something about the combo just makes for a special night.  Santa (Loren) was so fun and we had a lot of amazing laughs with him there.  I just have amazing friends and I am so grateful for them and everything they do to make my holiday-party-pipe dreams come true.  One day we will all be married and have more permanent dates.  Until then, may you all have a wonderful holi-sizzlin' holiday.

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Erin Masi said...

Love this holiday tradition!!! So sad I missed it this year. :(