Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's Christmas time in the city...

A few weeks ago I went to the Old Brick Church Christmas Sing-along, or whatever it is called.  You pretty much stand in the middle of Park Avenue and sing carols and then they light the Christmas trees up and down Park Ave.  I did this after a long day working out in the Rockaways - but I'm so glad that we went!

Getting ready for my Christmas card shoot

I came home to my apartment one night and there was a wreath on the door.  Merry Christmas, 4C!

My friend's daughter at our ward Christmas party.

Some additional photos from Holisizzle the other night:

Just Dance is such a great game.  

Ran into the Larsens at church.  I didn't even recognize Cami since I hadn't seen her in nearly 10 years.

One night Courtnie said to me that she wasn't feeling much in the holiday spirit.  So we rented a zip and went out to Brooklyn to see the lights in Dyker Heights.

Scott is such a baller.

Walking across the park one day I walked into Gladys.  I knew that she was in town, but our little meetup was definitely not planned.  Oh New York, you are good for so many things.

I took Scott and Shayla to an awesome art exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory.  It closes January 6th.  Get there.  There are swings.

And laying on the floor.

I went to a fabulous holiday party downtown with Micah and Scott.  

Then we had 4th meal (a Scott Porter tradition) at La Esquina.

To round off the weekend we attended a white elephant party which is also known to Brody as "Penny Pick-a-pocket" or something like that.  I came home with my very own Hello Kitty Chia Pet.  It is my first Chia-Pet and I have been documenting its progress on the daily.  

And last night we determined that Hello Kitty must be Scott's baby because it has a bald spot and hair feet.

Merry Christmas!

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