Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Like a voice rising from the dust.

This is no update unless you'd like for me to update you on all the television shows I've been watching.  I'm really liking my job these days and feel really lucky to still be in New York, even if it snowed last week and has been raining the past few days.  I am willing Spring here.

I almost wrote a post a month or so ago that would have been titled "How I broke up with 2 men in a week without dating them at the same time" or its alternate title "We argued about Noah's Ark: An essay on why I'm still single."  Luckily I didn't ever hit "post" and I just let the winter weather keep me tucked away until I was ready to move on.  I'm not depressed at all about it, but I've just needed some time to not think too much and not be too social.  A few years ago I had plans every weekend and was always on the go.  Right now I have zero plane tickets with my name on them and for the time being, that feels just right.

Since you are curious about what I've been up to, here are some pics to prove that I am indeed not writing this from the grave.

I have been visiting museums like it is 1999.

 {with Micah of course}.  I figured that if I didn't go with him, who would explain to me how these trikes really worked.

Nothing fancy happened at this location, but I did learn about day hotels and that they existed in the countryside of New York (east 63rd street)

The Met.  
{aka my favorite place in NYC}

The MoMA.  Took myself there on a hot date last Friday.

Fraunces Tavern & Museum to celebrate President's Day with my patriotic friends Alicia & Rob

Other random things that I've been doing include, but are not limited to:

Man Pageants

Watching Xanadu for the first time.  Whaaatttt?

Watching The Music Man with my roommate, who had never seen it before.  Whaaatttt?

My friend's cat had kittens, so I go over to play with them sometimes. I lurve them.

My other friends had a baby and I got to snuggle with her for hours while they went to get something to eat with friends.  Cutest.  Also, we were twins that night.

One of my coworkers resigned so we went to Lure for dinner one night.  Holy yum.   Also, holy cat eyes.

Things that I've done lately and not taken pictures of:


heidikins said...

I love the Frick, New York, and you.


Rae said...

I just went to Lure last night for the first time! How funny. How fun was it! Seriously felt like I was on a boat.