Monday, March 18, 2013

In Which My Pinterest Party Dreams Come True

This weekend was one of the busiest I have had in recent memory.  Also, the best.  I love St. Patrick's Day. I think it is the best & most ridiculous holiday that we celebrate (as a world?).  Since I am 1% Irish, I must celebrate appropriately by dressing like a leprechaun, as follows:

Thanks for the boots, Shayla!

Then you will eat corned beef because it is a dessert meat, i.e., delicious.  Instead of making cabbage that no one wants to eat, we made kale chips and they were delicious. I love corned beef with all of my heart.

 I'm not yet ready to talk about how much time the rainbow took me to make.  I might have to reuse it for Easter. ...and all of the spring months.

Before the guests arrived at the party, Micah requested a piece of the rainbow cake that I slaved over all day on Saturday.  I obliged as long as there was a photo.  Take 1 was of us cutting the cake together while very lovingly holding the knife.  What a sport.  Also, we sometimes dress alike.

Ta-DAAA.  Rainbow! {insert jazz hands}

 {insert jazz hands again}
Rainbow Jell-Oooooohhhhh

And then I dyed all of the drinks green.  

Mila & Ethan came to the party all decked out.  Mila spoke right before me in church a few weeks ago so now obviously we are BFF.

Mila made a leprechaun trap and it was amazing.  Inside, rainbows galore.  The fact that she made this cake made my heart so happy.  

 The spread: 
{the apple rings were devoured before any guests arrived and those things that look like peas are really just green sixlets}

Jason & Court

Jane, klr, Megan & Nate

Lisa & Mark
Lisa & Brody

Emily, Lauri, Mila, Hailey, Ethan

Me and Micah {non-ridiculous pose}

Robert tasting the rainbow. 
Only the finest jewels for our guests...

Miscellaneous St. Patrick's Day attire
My attempt at making the friend wall look festive.  I say half a success.

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Also, thanks, Pinterest!


heidikins said...

So much awesome! Love!


Rae said...

I can't get over how sad I am that I missed out on this!

JBlue said...

I am very impressed! Way to go!!

RC said...

you're a dream.

Autumn said...

I love the dress and hair. And, who doesn't like cabbage? Hello, I love cabbage. Way better than corned beef :-P