Monday, July 20, 2009

utah summers are friggin' hot. i had forgotten.

there's pretty much nowhere i'd rather be than with good friends on special occasions. saturday was no exception when ben and lanae were married in bountiful, utah. what a gorgeous couple. i am thrilled for them - describing them as happy would be an understatement.

i especially loved being there with this girl. i love me some brazilians. i can't wait for nade fest in a few weeks when we get to hang out again.

i also loved spending time with my tall friend. i am afraid that we are starting to look alike, kinda like those couples who have been married for 30 years. scary in more ways than you know.

utah, you brought your game face this weekend. i appreciate it.


Pace said...

Steph, next time you find yourself in bed with a mand wearing matching robes.. please don't ruin it by taking a picture


Rachael said...

Haha, that is an awesome comment. I would like to top it, but I can't. Obviously if there was something good going on the thought of taking a picture would have never crossed your mind. Let's hope things are different next time.

Margie said...

Stephanie, I REALLY miss you!!!

UZI said...

hey, what about me?....and Weston?.....and the fart phone! :)