Wednesday, August 19, 2009

new roommate

no, i am not talking about rachael.

i am talking about this new little roommate, the mouse.

i have named him gus in an effort to sleep well tonight after he ran across my path when i was going to turn off the kitchen light a few moments ago.
i have also envisioned mice in people clothes.or a mouse on a scooter going around my kitchen.

wait a second. now i'm totally freaking out. i may or may not have just stuffed some unstuffed shams under the bathroom door.


Rachael said...

But I still appreciate the mention.

A said...

All I am going to say is you don't have a mouse... have mice! Mice don't travel alone, they are like teenage girls, they travel in PACKS!

Jenn-Lee said...

The last,...scary. I love your humor in it though. The little mice in clothes...we have those. Not the real mice but the toys. The scooter mouse would be a big hit here with my girls. Wish ya the best with this one. Never had this issue before.. ugh.

heidikins said...

Ugh...mouses. Sick.


Mrs. B said...

Makes me think of "Tale of Desparaux" it's wonderful, just name your mouse Desparaux and all will be well :} Then again if it's a clan you could use the whole family :)

Debra said...