Tuesday, September 15, 2009

let us review, shall we?

this last weekend, i spent approximately ten minutes in the airport in the below city.

then i finally ended up in this city where i ran 12.18 miles and enjoyed the scenery.

and now i am in this town for work all week.

remember how i was going to go here this weekend since this is where my high school reunion is??

well, i am going here instead.

on my way home on monday night, i will be sleeping here.

before i get here.

i am so glad i was able to catch you up on my life. you. are. welcome.


Bud & Kim said...

Have a safe trip. You staying with Steph in NYC?

Piper said...

Have so much fun! What a globe-trotter!

Rachael said...

I will be in NYC on monday night, are you coming to sleep in my hotel with me? (Any by sleep with me, I do NOT mean that we will wear matching robes and take pictures- that would be weird since we aren't dating).

Rachael said...

time to update your blog.