Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life Update version 20,004

List time.
  • My dad went to San Francisco last week for some business and while he was there, he saved Bertha. She is now in storage and I can pick her up when I am ready for her again. I may not have room for her in New York, but at least she will be there when I need her. A big shout out to my dad who moved her out of my old house BY HIMSELF. As Rachael said "A God among men! Who knew?" Thanks, Dad!
  • Jonna and her husband Ben were in New York for a few days last week and I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time with them. There are so many things to love about Jonna - she is sweet and funny and beautiful and just so much fun to be around. Her new music video just came out today and I think you should watch it. And if you like it, you should buy your own copy of the song on itunes. She has such a beautiful voice - enjoy!

  • I was in my little "sister's" wedding a few weeks ago in Utah. Here is the beautiful couple:

Jessica with her bridesmaids.

Matt was my date to the reception and it was wonderful to spend time with him. If only we lived closer together. le sigh.

  • On Saturday I ran a race in Long Island and since I bought this photo, I will show it to you via the blog. It is one of my happier race photos. Not as classic as this one, but good.

  • My secret pal gave me some awesome cupcakes on Sunday and since the scale is messed up in this photo, you should know that they were each about the diameter of a silver dollar. And I ate almost all of them before I left church on Sunday.

And now I'd like to tell you about my Saturday morning.

It started out with me waking up at 6am after about 3.5 hours of sleep so that I could meet Brody at Columbus Circle and get on a train to Long Island for the Ho Ho Ho Holiday Run 5k. We were supposed to meet at 6:45am.

What do you do when you get stood up? You take a sad face photo.

Then you decided to drown your tears in Starbucks. I think it was the lack of sleep over the span of a week and sadness over unrealized expectations of running a 5k that I'd been planning on for months but I had huge crocodile tears in my hot chocolate.

Then you start walking home and get a frantic phone call from your friend who stood you up saying that his phone died even though it was plugged in all night and his alarm didn't go off, and he is coming to pick you up in a Zip car in 5 minutes.

And you make it to Bethpage, NY in record time.

So you run the 5k with lot of other people wearing Santa hats or even dressed completely like Santa. Smart in the cold weather!

You have a stranger take a pic of you post race.
Then you eat the best post-race treats ever. Fresh bagels, cupcakes, muffins, soda, and bananas. Just in it for the free food.

This last photo was taken at about 11am on Saturday and that isn't even nearly the end of the day.

Next post will be about Christmas Party Weekend 2010. If you like stories about me falling or not getting enough sleep, you won't want to miss it.

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