Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Conversations with Uzi

This is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Kristy a few days ago about how my day went.

I thought about transcribing this more, but with very few edits, here you go.

me: so this morning i worked from home
which means not working and running errands, obviously
so i wake up around 7:30
and decide to go running
not sure how far i went
a few miles
we'll say around 3
i put some laundry in before i left
i get home around 8:30 and take a shower
i had a call at 10
so i get ready
finish the laundry, etc
at 10 i get online
and my boss says that i missed the call - it was at 9
Kristy: shut up!
me: so then i send him a screenshot of my appointment request that said 10am
so that he doesn't think i just missed it
not my fault
so then i have a chiro appointment at 10:30
so i throw my pink hoodie on and run out the door
meanwhile i text whatshisname to see if he wants to grab lunch at 11:30 before i get on the train 
my chiropractor was running late or something bc i laid there forever before she came in  
so i get out of there around 11:10
whatshisname has now called and texted
i tell him to meet me at chipotle by my house and i will meet him there
btw - i have not yet packed
then i realize that i have to drop something by the office - a gift for my boss since he is running the marathon on sunday here
(oh hells bells!)
so i run by the office and drop my stuff off
then i literally run to the subway
just miss the express
hop on the local
there is a delay
so i finally get out of the subway and luckily find whatshisname walking the wrong direction from chipotle
my train was at 12:25
at this point it was 11:45
he runs over and is like - forget food - lets just get you on the train
so we go to my apartment and he puts some soup in the microwave
while i am PACKING
i have clean laundry all over my bed
so then we start eating soup at 12
he is panicked
i'm like - whatever! i'll make the train!
Kristy: haaaa ha ha haaaa
me: so we leave
he carries my suitcase 
so i hop on the subway
and he goes to get a bus
then i start realizing that i might not make the train
i get to penn station, try to print my ticket, and it won't let me
so i get in the customer service line - its like 12:24
there are like 12 people in front of me
so i call the lady who booked my ticket to tell her there's some problem and i'm missing my train
so i finally get up to the window and by then the lady has rebooked my ticket for the 1pm train
and the guy at the window prints it out for me and tells me that my train was actually at 12
of course it was
Kristy: HAAAAA, shut up!!
this is hilarious!
me:here is my text exchange with whatshisname:  me: so. my train was at 12. got confused with my train back to new york. haha. they put me on the 1pm with no problem. oh we could have finished our soup. LOL
whatshisname: haha well you are having a very consistent day at least :)
me: so true.


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