Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'll have a Blue Christmas without you!

I have been working a whole lot this week and so doing anything other than sleeping has been low on the totem pole.

All I really have to say currently is that I am going to San Francisco in less than 12 hours and I cannot wait.  I will be with these girls - amongst others - and just thinking about it makes my cold dead heart swell up like a balloon.

Also, Uzi.  And Andrea.  And Kirsten.

I found this one in the vault.  w.o.w.....

And last and not least, Marshall's wedding!

Remind me - things to catch you up on:
1. My new apartment.  Is it new if I've lived there for 4 months by the time I tell you about it?
2. My birthday
3. Holisizzle & other festivities

At this point, I can't make any promises, people.  Flossing is already apparently too much to ask.  
And off I go to ice skate.  I am SO Christmas-y.

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