Thursday, June 20, 2013

the dead neighbor who is probably reading this now from the other side

I was telling someone the other day about the neighbor who lived kind-of-next-door, kind-of-inside-the-house in San Francisco. If it was you, please make yourself known. I asked Rachael today what his last name was so that I could see if I could find his psychic hotline site again. I just searched for the following terms in my gmail and found these gems of conversations that I had with Rachael in years past about him.

From February 2010:
12:56 PM me: rachaelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Rachael: hello steph zundel
12:57 PM me: how is utah
Rachael: it's good
why do you hate jean marie
12:58 PM me: so last night at like 10
1:01 PM i was putting some paint away on the kitchen counter
please keep in mind that i was the only one home last night
so to close up the paint, i hit the hammer on the lid like 2 times - and the lid is plastic
so it wasn't loud
and he banged on the wall a bunch of times
so i said out loud "oh yeah?"
and i turned on the dishwasher
1:02 PM this morning at 5am he was throwing things around
good times
Rachael: hahahahaha
he's so lame
me: yeah he's a gem
Rachael: but that's awesome that you did that
me: good thing you weren't in your room
i mean
it woke me up
at 5am
him slamming doors, etc
1:04 PM Rachael: we would have fought back together
slamming doors
and hitting the wall
that would have been fun
me: a real party

I moved to New York at the end of September in 2010. A few weeks after I moved, Rachael reported to me that there was an odd smell coming from the entryway to my old house and that our mail had been piling up for a few days. It was quickly guessed that there was something dead in our neighbor's apartment. Possibly him.

From October 2010:
Rachael: I have no update
but the smell is still strong
me: ohmy
the police haven't taken away a body?
9:59 PM Rachael: i just got home
and there seems to be no change
in situation
me: eee
10:00 PM Rachael: i should go knock on the door
and then bust in
so you can put it on your blog
me: bang on the wall and see what happens
i can call his psychic hotline
should I?
Rachael: um yes, obviously
me: what is his last name
i can't remember
10:01 PM jean marie.......
what is it
10:02 PM Rachael: carroll
me: yes
Rachael: it took me a minute
10:03 PM me: he isn't very old
born in 48Rachael: jean marie!
do not be dead!
(but please stop banging on the wall)
10:04 PM me: ok so on his website, it says he was on there 2 days ago
Rachael: oh ok
so maybe he has a dead dog
btw the mail is not sorted again today
maybe he's out of town
and left something for dead
10:05 PM me: look at that apartment!
10:06 PM me: HAHAHA
Rachael: aahahaha
me: I can email him
and say "are you dead?" please bang on the wall if you are not
Rachael: hahaha
10:08 PM me: oh good he has a blog hahah
add it to your list!
10:09 PM me: i am very tempted to leave a comment on his website
like "are you dead?"
but i am afraid that if he is, he will come here and appear to me
Rachael: haha
10:13 PM Rachael: hahaha
you nut case
me: hahahaha
i bcc'd you
me: he knows our names
due to the mail
Rachael: right
that's too much
me: hahaha
Rachael: hahahah
i like it
way to make things happen
as usual
me: we'll see if he responds
Rachael: if he responds i will die
if jean marie is a psychic, he will know that i was going to call but didn't want to pay $15
10:15 PM Rachael: HAHAHA

This is a great example of the insane conversations that Rachael and I have on a regular basis.

Please note that this neighbor that I am referencing in the above chats is not the same as this neighbor. Or this one.


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