Monday, June 10, 2013

Vacation Goals = Not Met


I did have a taco while I was in Mexico: the night that I arrived.  The rest of my time there was spent laying on the beach, eating delicious food, swimming in the ocean, riding 4-wheelers, or laughing with friends.
Watch this for four hours.  This is what my drive from Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco looked like.

Mayan Palace Hotel
After a lovely Mothers Day Brunch


Those three little dots in the middle of the dune: Amy, Mark, Javier.

The best part of any foreign vacation.  Seriously.  I love a cold Coca light.
The next portion of my trip was spent in Tucson.  The above painting lives at my friends' house since I gave it to them as a wedding gift about 5 years ago. Turns out, the friend that I modeled with was/is a great friend of the groom and since I was/am a good friend of the bride, I figured it was appropriate that it lived at their house for the rest of its life.  Many great memories though associated with that painting.  I don't think it has a title, but I want to call it "When times were simpler." Circa 2005 - artist is Ed Davenport.  
It was right around the time that this painting photo was taken that I was stricken with food poisoning from something I ate in Mexico.  And when I say that I was probably the sickest I've ever been, it would not be an exaggeration.  By some miracle I drove from Tucson to Phoenix without incident and then laid around the Hawkins' house with my equally ill friend and her kids.  I pulled myself together at least twice while I was with them for 3 days and we even went to their daughter's dance recital in someone's backyard.

Cole came down from the playroom in this costume to cheer me up while I was sick on the couch.
Me and Meghan.  Can't remember the last time I saw her face to face before this day.  Might have been when her brother and I were in love...11 years ago.  She was in high school.  Oh, how times flies by.

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